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Invisalign – Case 20

A 42-year-old man refused all his life wearing braces. He decided visit Gables Perfect Smile  to try Invisalign because it was an invisible way to straighten his teeth.

He had a lot of defects in the enamel and Dr. Ospina reconstructed the defects and broken edges with a resin material.

This patient has not regretted making the change.


Before Invisalign

After Invisalign

Porcelain Crowns 2

A 32 year old lady visited Dr. Gloria Ospina with the idea of improving her smile. Her 2 front teeth were too short and she did not like the shape of her teeth. Aimme had the gum re-contoured and crown lengthening on her 2 front teeth, subsequently she got 2 beautiful porcelain crowns.

Porcelain Crown

28 year old man went to see Dr Gloria Ospina at Gables Perfect Smile with desperation to fix his broken front tooth. After examining him Dr. Ospina place a temporary restoration while he was on Invisalign treatment. After all that Dr Ospina designed his gum line on his front teeth with Laser treatment and did a single porcelain crown on the front tooth.

The patient is extremely happy to see the excellent result!


Single implant, Patient had an accident and lost her lower lateral incisor. Dr. Gloria Ospina placed a dental implant. It was not need of using the adjacent teeth to replace a tooth with a 3 unit bridge. Patient is able to floss and she feels like a natural tooth. Patient is happy with the results…

Teeth Whitening – Case 9

40 years old beautiful lady came to Gables Perfect Smile hopeless she will get her teeth white. She was treated with zoom and the results were more that she was expected!!

Teeth Whitening – Case 8

39-year-old female came to see Dr. Gloria Ospina Improve her smile and appearance. Dr. Ospina recommended having the teeth whitening before Invisalign and after the treatment have a touch up using the last aligner as a tray for whitening material. Results were excellent!

Teeth Whitening – Case 7

30 year – old started treatment with Invisalign, then Dr. Ospina performed crown lengthening and teeth whitening. The results were fantastic and the patient has a renewed sense of confidence.

Teeth Whitening – Case 6

A young lady came to see Dr. Ospina wanting to improve her smile. After a comprehensive smile evaluation, Dr. Ospina recommended Invisalign (orthodontic treatment) to align her teeth. Once the Invisalign treatment was completed, Dr. Ospina recommended for Domingez to undergo a gummy smile procedure with gum contouring and lip repositioning. The patient decided to have whitening to put the final touch on improving her smile. As you can see from the before and after pictures, the results are excellent. This case included Invisalign, Gummy Smile Surgery, Lip Repositioning and Teeth Whitening.

Tooth Whitening – Coral Gables – Case 5

Mr. H was happy with the appearance of his smile but due to smoking and drinking coffee his teeth started turning yellow. He desired a more natural looking whiter smile. Dr. Ospina recommend that Mr. H receive in office whitening. As you can see from the before and after pictures Mr. H achieved his whiter smile in our Miami, Coral Gables office within 1 hour of starting treatment.

Teeth Whitening – Coral Gables – Case 4

Before patient had lip repositioning surgery, she had teeth whitening. She will continue to improve her smile by straightening her teeth with Invisalign.