1992 to Present - Licensed Florida Dentist
7/6/1992 -State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation The Florida State Board of Dentistry Board Certified
1991- The American Dental Association, Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations National Board of Dental Examinations-Dentist
​​​​​​​2/21/1986 La Universidad Del Valle, Cali, Colombia, General Dentist


American Dental Association
South Florida Dental Association
Florida Dental Asociation
2003- 2015 The International Congress of Oral Implantologist’s
2003 -2015 The American College of Oral Implantology


Facial Anatomy Applied to Botulinum Toxin and Facial Fillers Course - Doral, FL

Lip Lift surgery and Peri-Oral procedures Sao Paulo, Brasil

Advance Botox & Dermal fillers Miami, FL

Botox & Dermal fillers New York, NY

10/07/2016 - 10/08/2016
Utilizing Cone Beam Imaging for Dental Diagnostics & Implant Treatment Planning

02/20/2015 South Florida District Dental Association
Airway Management Certification

10/03/2015 BTI of North America
Advanced Surgical and Restorative Techniques

09/09/2014 The United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patent Granted for: (Gummy Smile)
High Lip Line Smile Corrective Surgical Method

09/29/2014 BTI of North America / Fundacion Edwardo Antigua
Atrophic Maxilla Course Diploma

05/09/2014 Perio Protect Method
Treating Periodontal Disease using the Perio Protect Method

04/25/2014 John C. Chao D.D.S, J.D.
Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique Certificate

1/22/2010-3/22/2010 Miami Institute of Volumetric Imaging
Participation as a Clinical Instructor

3/25/2010 The International Congress of Oral Implantologist

5/18/2009 The International Congress of Oral Implantologist’s
Master of the Implant Prosthetic Section of the ICOI

5/15/2009-9/26/2009 Miami Implants Live, Instructor on Soft Tissue Management and
Advanced Bone Grafting, Contemporary Techniques for Sinus Elevation, Bone Blocks and Split
Ridge, Acellular Dermal Matrix, Virtual Imaging, Miami Institute of Volumetric Imaging, Miami,

1/30/2008 Aligntech Institute
Gary Kady Seminar

8/23/2008 Academia Continued Education
Domestic Violence, Medical Errors

12/12/2007 Biohorizons Implant System
Achieving the Goals of Modern Implant Therapy

5/20/2007-5/24/2007 Nobel Biocare Implant System
World Conference-Las Vegas, NV
01/2007 Vizilite Plus
Oral Lesion Identification and Marking System with T-Blue

2/10/2006 Medical Diagnostic Centers
Virtual Imaging

01/2006 Biolase University The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry
Master Laser Certification of Completion

10/7/2005-10/8/2005 Oral-Facial Design Center
Practical Interdisciplinary Esthetics, Newport Beach, CA.

9/9/2005-9/11/2005 Zimmer
Training with Puros Block Allograft

7/22/2005 3i Implant Innovations
An Evening of Clinical Discussion Periodontal & Implant Dentistry Inc,
Teeth in an Hour Seminar

6/11/2005 Botox for Dentistry

04/2004 Center for Advanced Dental Education

20/20 Oral Plastic Surgery, Course 1

4/30/2004-5/1/2004 Center for Advanced Dental Education

20/20 Oral Plastic Surgery, Course 2

06/2004 Center for Advanced Dental Education

20/20 Oral Plastic Surgery, Course 3

2004 International Congress of Oral Implantologist’s,

12/3/2003 Nobel Biocare
The future of Dentistry-Implants and Esthetics

9/13/2003 Waterlase
YSGG Advanced Laser Course Ft.Lauderdale, FL

6/19/2003-6/20/2003 ICOI
Advanced Implant Placement and Bone Grafting Seminar with Hands-On Workshop

6/19/2003-6/22/2003 The International Congress of Oral Implantologist’s Implant Prosthodontic
Section and International Congress of Oral Implantologist’s, Orlando FL.,
Sixth Implant Prosthodontic Symposium Fixed and Removable Prosthetic: “How the Experts
Make It Work”

2003 World Clinical Laser Institute East Coast Symposium, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Level 1 Laser Certification Course, Clinical Applications and Safety and Physics for the
Waterlase YSGG All Tissue Dental Laser

8/31/2001 Robert Morgan Educational Center and Robert Morgan Center for Dental Care and
Education, Inc., Miami, Florida,
Course Study in Surgical and Prosthetic Implantlogy

11/14/2000 Cera- Med Dental, LLC,
Tissue-Engineered: Peptide (P-15) Enhanced Bone Replacement Graft
2/11/2000 Homestead Schools Inc.
Domestic Violence, Ethics

5/7/1999 South Palm Beach County Dental Association
Secrets of Successful Oral Reconstruction and Longevity

5/8/1999 South Palm Beach County Dental Association
Implant Prosthetic Extravaganza

11/19/1999, 1/21/2000, 3/17/2000, 5/19/2000, 7/21/2000
Robert Morgan Center for Dental Care and Education, Inc

9/10/1999, 10/8/1999, 11/12/1999, 12/10/1999, 2/11/2000, 3/10/2000, 4/14/2000, 5/12/2000,

6/9/2000, 7/7/2000 Robert Morgan Center for Dental Care and Education, Inc
Comprehensive General Dentistry

5/29/1998 Soft Tissue Management Seminar

4/3/1998 21st Century Endodontics

8/12/1998 Why Fluorides?
10/9/1998-10/10/1998 ITI Dental Implant System
Current Concepts for the Treatment of Partially Edentulous Patients

11/10/1998 Simplified Endodontics

4/3/1998 Academy of General Dentistry
Comprehensive General Dentistry

3/18/1998 Academy of General Dentistry
Empress and Targis/Lectures

2/7/1998 Double Diamond Seminars
Air Abrasion

1/30/1997-2/2/1997 School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia
Practical Answers for Fixed Restorative Dentistry

2/1/1996-2/3/1996 East Coast Dental Society
Miami Winter Meeting & Dental Expo

11/1/1995 Nobelpharma USA, Inc
Curriculum in the restorative aspects of Branemark System

11/1/1995-11/2/1995 Nobelpharma USA, Inc
Prosthetic Seminar

10/6/1995-10/7/1995 University of Miami, School of Medicine
Basic Techniques and Advanced Implantology, Surgery and Prosthetics

10/14/1995 University of Miami School of Medicine
Hands on Implant Prosthetic Tutorial, Health South Doctor’s Hospital, Coral Gables, FL.

9/9/1995 Periodontal Therapy into the 21st Century
The Importance of Patient Specific Protocols

Latin American Academy of Osseointergrated Dental Implants, Coral Gables, Florida,
11/20/1994 Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida,
Course Certificate in Nitrous—Oxygen Analgesia