Gummy Smile

Healthy, well-proportioned gums act as a frame for beautiful teeth. However, excess gum tissue can hide otherwise beautiful teeth, creating an overly “gummy” smile that can make some people self-conscious. With highly effective laser dentistry techniques, cosmetic gum surgery performed at Gables Perfect Smile creates a more proportionate appearance to the teeth and gums by eliminating excess gum tissue that can make the teeth look small or uneven. Learn more about laser dentistry and how cosmetic gum surgery at our Miami-area practice has helped many people achieve the beautiful smiles they desire.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

During the cosmetic gum surgery procedure, a special laser is used to treat targeted tissues without affecting the surrounding teeth and gums. Using the precise laser beam, our doctors recontour the gums to expose additional tooth structure, creating a more proportionate appearance to the teeth and gums. Our doctors have completed advanced training in laser dentistry and have performed the cosmetic gum surgery procedure for many of our patients. They utilize the Waterlase® MD dental laser to reshape the gums with minimal discomfort and typically without the use of local anesthetic. The Waterlase® MD laser combines a laser beam and water to precisely and effectively remove gum tissue If you are interested in cosmetic gum surgery or another laser dentistry procedure, contact our Miami-area practice to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

Gummy Smile Case Studies

#1 Gummy Smile Surgery Crown Lengthening
A 30 year old lady came to our Coral Gables, Florida office looking for improvement of her smile. Her main complaint was showing too much gum and her gum too thick. Dr Gloria Ospina carefully examined her smile and decided to increase the length of her teeth and do some bone reduction to eliminate the bumps around the ridge. Patient was able to see results immediately. Now she is ready to start orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.

gummy smile results

#2 Gummy Smile Surgery Crown Laser Gingivectomy, Bone reduction, and Bone Augmentation
42 years old woman always wanted to improve her smile, she found herself hiding her smile all the time. She hated the way she had black and pink gums and protruded jaw, she also hated the gap between her teeth.

In Gables Perfect Smile we offered her a perfect solution by doing a surgical first phase which consisted in performing a laser gingivectomy, bone reduction and bone augmentation in the defects under her nose.

Patient is extremely happy with the results and waiting for the healing process to finish so we can move to the restorative/cosmetic phase.