Before & After


This particular Invisalign patient came in to our Miami Dental office located in Coral Gables for a full recommendation on his Open bite and severe teeth crowding. Patient is his young 20’s and as a child had the habit of sucking on his thumb. After Dr. Ospina performed several evaluations, she decided to remove four bicuspids. Once the bicuspids were removed, the Invisalign process began. At the time of this photograph, the patient had been through 19 different stages of Invisalign, trays were changed every two weeks to maximize the results. Currently the patient is still under treatment. Dr. Ospina has extended his treatment in order to refine the results. Further alignments have been ordered to correct the final bite. The patient also had a broken tooth which was temporarily fixed with bonding. As soon as the treatment is finished, Dr. Ospina will complete the final aesthetic look of his smile with Porcelain Veneers since the patient is not happy with the discoloration of his teeth. Additionally, the patient was not comfortable with how much Gum line he showed when smiling. Dr. Ospina performed a Gum Re-contouring for his front teeth which provides better harmonization in his smile. Please view are full Smile Gallery for more Invisalign cases we have performed for other patients in Miami.