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We Offer Invisible Braces with Invisalign®

Often, the reason why patients choose not to correct teeth that are crooked or misaligned is because of the potential hassles of wearing traditional metal braces and their impact on their daily life. Metal braces can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and most of all, very conspicuous. Because aligning the teeth sometimes takes years to complete, the idea of having to wear metal brackets on one’s teeth is not the most agreeable option for most people. Gables Perfect Smile, serving patients from the Miami Beach and Coral Gables area, has the solution: Invisalign® invisible braces.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® invisible braces are just that: invisible. The Invisalign® system utilizes aligners made from clear plastic that are designed to fit discreetly over the teeth and make step-wise adjustments to them over time. Because the aligners are constructed from clear material, they are virtually imperceptible to the eye. Invisalign® provides the same teeth straightening benefits as traditional metal braces, and they are becoming the orthodontic treatment method of choice.

Invisalign® vs. Traditional Orthodontics

Porcelain veneers are a safe, effective, and quick option to completely remake your smile. Instead of enduring multiple visits and complicated surgical procedures, patients are able to achieve healthy, whiter smiles in just a few steps with porcelain veneers. They can be used to cover discolorations, chips, cracks, fill in gaps, and correct minor misalignments. When proper care is taken, porcelain veneers are also long lasting.

The Invisalign® Procedure

The Invisalign® procedure is extremely quick and easy. We begin by using advanced computer mapping technology to take precise measurements of your dental structure. With this data we are able to fit patients with Invisalign® invisible braces. Invisalign® straightens teeth with custom-fitted aligners that do the same job as traditional metal brackets and wires. Instead of visiting an orthodontist monthly to have your brackets adjusted and tightened, you simply replace your aligner with the next in the series. The Invisalign® procedure straightens teeth just as effectively as traditional metal braces, provided the patient follows all of the guidelines outlined by his or her dentist. Invisalign® invisible braces allow patients to straighten teeth discreetly without hassle.

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We are dedicated to helping our patients from all over Florida achieve the smile they desire. Contact our Coral Gables practice, near Miami Beach to learn more about Invisalign® invisible braces and to schedule an appointment to find out if Invisalign® is the right orthodontic treatment option for you.

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