Anti-Aging Dentistry

Gables Perfect Smile - Pioneers in Anti-aging Dentistry in South Florida

Why should we do any cosmetic dental work before doing any Dermal Fillers?

Nowadays in our practice, we focus on doing anti-aging Dentistry. After training in all techniques for Surgical, restorative procedures, Botox and Dermal fillers, we understand that the face center is the smile, and it is the peri-oral area the one that gets wrinkles first before any other parts of the face. First, we get the nasolabial fold because we lose bone in the skull mainly in pre-maxilla and zigomatic area, then by effects of gravity, the cheeks start falling down and then the folds occur.

So, what do most of the Dentists do about this?

They fill the nasolabial fold and lips, and then the weight of the fillers start making the natural look of the smile hiding the upper teeth. Even worse, they are injecting the lips with no knowledge of lip anatomy.

At Gables Perfect smile when we design a new smile, in most of the cases we build teeth symmetrically adding more tone to the lip so we can raise it. When we add volume with Cosmetic Dentistry the lip raises and gives you a younger appearance.

How do we start rejuvenating a face?

First of all, we do our treatment plan for any dental work that needs to be done. For instance patients with narrow maxillary arches and crowded teeth we give options like Invisalign with this treatment we do expansion of the arches to move bone to the sides and create more tone in all areas around the lips and cheeks. Sometimes is even necessary to create spaces or gaps in between teeth that we will later fill or close with cosmetic restorations and finalize adding some volume with either porcelain or composites. Other times we don’t even have to do any extra cosmetic work but it all depends on the patient’s enamel structure as they age, to correct any defects or regular “wear and tear” as we grow old.

According to the age and desires of the patient we offer to all our patient's Dermal fillers to create more volume in some areas of the face and re enhancing the beautiful smile that we created. We start from the temporal muscles, Cheeks and Goniac Mandibular angle and then we concentrate in the peri-oral areas including the lip enhancing the anatomy.

Anti-aging Case Studies
Anti-aging - Before
Anti-aging - After