What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

There is no getting around the fact that perfectly white teeth are an extremely desirable commodity. People who enjoy a cleaner, brighter smile are thought of to have it all – health, happiness, and success, as well as being infinitely more attractive. While most of this is down to the confidence that they exude when they smile, it is unsurprising that as a result, teeth whitening is the number one most sought after a cosmetic dental procedure in the world.

Despite there being plenty of products that make bold claims about their ability to whiten your teeth, the truth is that professional whitening carried out by a licensed cosmetic dentist delivers the best and most consistent, long-lasting results.

If you are unhappy with the color of your smile, then you may be considering undergoing whitening yourself. However, before you go ahead, here is what you need to know about teeth whitening before booking yourself in for this popular and highly effective treatment.

Woman smiling and showing beautiful white teeth

You might not automatically be a good candidate for the procedure

Although teeth whitening is non-invasive and widely available, it doesn’t mean that everyone is automatically a good candidate for the procedure. It may not be the best way to improve the color of your teeth, or you may be sensitive to the ingredients used. Therefore, it is important for our dentist to give you a total assessment before agreeing for you to undergo the process.

Choose the right professional

Any dentist can perform a tooth whitening procedure, but this doesn’t mean that just any dentist should. The bleaching agent used in professional whitening is very strong and must be applied carefully to minimize the effect it has on the soft tissue of your gums. When it comes to choosing a professional to complete your whitening, make sure you choose someone with extensive experience and who has a portfolio of before and after images of previous patients that they are happy to share with you.

It’s going to take more than one session

Teeth whitening is a gradual process, and while you may see some improvement in the color of your smile after just one session, most patients require at least three or four to obtain the shade of white that they are trying to achieve. Our dentist will be able to give you an estimation as to the number of sessions you will need during your consultation, but this may change depending on how well you respond to the treatment.

Your teeth may be sensitive afterward

There aren’t many side effects to the teeth whitening process, but sensitive teeth are fairly common, particularly in the first 24-48 hours after each session. During this time, you may wish to avoid eating anything particularly hot, cold or sweet as it may cause you some discomfort.

You will need to work hard to sustain the results

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent fix and it is down to you to make sure that your teeth stay as white as possible. This may mean making some changes to your lifestyle, such as cutting down on the amount of food and drink that can stain your teeth. If you smoke, giving up will make a huge difference in your ability to maintain the color of your teeth, as well as benefit your health.

If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening, our experienced and friendly dental team will be happy to help. Please contact our offices to speak to us or to arrange a consultation to discuss how we can transform your smile using professional whitening.